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Printing Awards Programme

Printing awards are a tangible demonstration of the exceptional capability within the printing industry. 

The impressive creativity and production of work in our industry deserves to be shared. The awards provide an opportunity to promote our industry to a wider audience of key influencers in the choice of communication channel such as advertising and marketing agencies, clients, policy makers, training institutions and more.


The NPA’s are an opportunity to celebrate the craftsmanship and excellence of the Australian Print and Visual Communications Industry.
For the first time the NPA’s will coincide with an Industry Summit and Golf Day.

The National Print Awards are an auspicious, highly regarded and coveted set of awards within the industry. This will be a night of fine dining, entertainment, celebrating all the achievements of our great industry. The awards are only given to printers displaying the highest level of skill in their field.

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State-based Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards (PICA) will occured across all major states in 2017/18. 

South Australia PICA Awards

 Congratulations to our winners!

Victorian PICA Awards

Congratulations to our winners!

New South Wales PICA Awards

Congratulations to our winners!


About the Awards

PICA celebrates the uniqueness that each state has to offer as local industry best understands what is important to their region. Each state has its own unique strengths and challenges, and this will judged and showcased locally.

Achieving a medal at the PICA reflects that the entry is at the top echelon of performance within the state. These award-winning entries will then compete at the 2018 National Print Awards for judging on the national stage.

Printing Industries Association of Australia is thrilled to bring you the 2017/18 PICA series that will lead into the 2018 National Print Awards.

Award categories have been modified to reflect the convergence of technological processes and to open new categories for broader appeal.

Have a look around, we'd love you to be a part of it.


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