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The categories below are referring to QLD, NSW, SA and VIC.

Please click here for the WA categories.

Printing categories

Printing and Graphic Design categories require the online entry form and entry label.

  1. Leaflets, flyers or brochures - Any number of colours, digital & offset
  2. Books
    a. Any number of pages, any binding method, offset
    b. Any number of pages, any binding method, digital
    c. Any number of pages, any binding method, hybrid
  3. Booklets, Catalogues and Magazines
    a. With or without cover, any stock weight, offset and/or digital, saddle stitch
    b. With or without cover, any stock weight, offset and/or digital, glue binding
  4. Packaging – any 3 dimensional packaging (e.g. bags, boxes, bottles, tetra packs), applied product label, wrapping or swing tags. Any printing method, on any substrate.

  5. Labels – Sheet fed or Roll fed labels (5 continuous images required on roll fed labels)
    a. Offset
    b. Other than offset
  6. Point of Sale – Posters, show cards, postcards, mobiles, wobblers and any print display constructions

  7. Direct Mail – Impact, sensory and direct mail, entries may be produced by any method on any substrate. 
    Impact Mail is a delivery service that allows customers to send addressed mail items of virtually any shape or design, without the need for an envelope.
    Mail items can be made of paper based or a range of other non-paper materials such as rubber, plastic, laminate, vinyl, leather or wool.
    Sensory Mail includes items of visual impact (e.g. lenticular printing), smell, taste, sound or touch.
    Direct Mail can include any item addressed or unaddressed including marketing and promotional material.
  8. Large Format Applications (A0 and above) – All printing methods, includes building and wall signage, printing on to all substrates including: paper, plastic, glass, metal, timber and ceramic.

  9. Multi piece productions and campaigns – May include folders, leaflets, ring binders, including indices, printed envelopes including contents or any production of three or more items of a consistent theme for the same client. Any printing method.

  10. Annual reports, Prospectus, Year books – Any binding method, offset and/or digital.

  11. Self-Promotion – Including calendars items. Entries, regardless of category or format, that promotes any organisation within the scope of the printing industry, or which feature the printing company or entrants name as a prominent feature of the entry. Any format, any process – in the graphic arts and advertising industries.  These entries are ineligible to be entered into all other categories.

  12. Stationery – Any format. Any printing method. Do not supply mounted
  13. Specialty Printing – May include promotional printing, letterpress, architectural printing, glass printing, screen printing, laser etching or textile printing. Printers applying new and current technologies in different ways. Any number of colours, any substrate, any printing method.
  14. 3D Print
  15. Innovative Reinvention – innovative re-invention or commercialisation of older/traditional technology like letterpress, embossing, hand embellishing, binding.
  16. Limited Edition – May include any item that is produced in numbered limited quantities – ie. 3 of 1000.  The total number produced must not exceed 1000 copies. Any printing method.

  17. Embellishments – The enhancement of a printed job by the addition of decorative processes. These may include embossing & de-bossing, gold blocking or other foiling or use of specialised adhesive panels. Specialty finishing can include sewing sections, string and buttons and pop-up books etc.
  18. Regional/Small Business Printing Award - Print business up to 12 employees

Design categories

  1. Branding & Identity – Corporate, retail, hospitality, fashion
  2. Books, Brochures and Annual Reports
  3. Multi piece productions and campaigns – May include: folders, leaflets, ring binders, including indices; printed envelopes including contents; production of three or more items of a consistent theme for the same client, which may include multi-channel digital campaigns
  4. Packaging & Labelling – Any 3 dimensional packaging, product labels, wrapping or swing tags.
  5. Promotion – Anything that doesn’t fit into any other category: calendars, tickets, menus, greeting cards, announcements, posters, invitations, self-promotion etc.
  6. Student Award – Any unpublished concept (to finished art quality) or printed piece created to self-promote the student’s ability

Business awards

Please send your nomination forms to

  1. Media Super Young Executive of the Year Award – The Media Super Young Executive Award recognizes and rewards exceptional employees who show exemplary promise as future leaders in the print, packaging and graphic communications sector.
    Click here to download the form.
  2. Media Super Industry Contribution Award - recognises the contributions to the printing industry of somebody who has: Achieved success and longevity in the industry; introduced innovative practices; Demonstrated industry leadership through involvement with Printing Industries and other bodies; Contributed to the community outside the industry; Earned the respect of his or her peers. 
    Click here to download the form.
  3. Environment Award – This category is open to all Green Stamp and Sustainable Green Print certified printing companies. This award recognises and encourages those companies who are not only managing their environmental impacts to a high standard, but are also seeking to build upon current practices and make further improvements.
    Click here to download the form.

Judges awards

From the wide collection of entries received judges select 2 special award winners.

  1. Ball & Doggett Judges Award
  2. Ball & Doggett Highly Commended

All Entries automatically enter the judges awards.

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