National Print Awards Printing Industries Association of Australia

Conditions of entry

  1. All entries must have been printed between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2017.

  2. Entries should be delivered to the address defined on your order confirmation

Please refer to your state for closing dates

  1. All entries must be accompanied by the relevant entry fee ($60 per entry, GST inclusive, for Printing Industries members, $80 per entry, GST inclusive, for non Printing Industries members – excluding Category 19 – Student Award – Graphic Design – which is free to enter).

    Entries into the Media Super Printing Industry Legend Award and the Media Super Young Executive Award are free of charge.

  2. This competition is open to all Australian based companies, individuals or associations involved in any area of print production, including:

    Advertising agencies, art and design studios, advertisers and clients, printing companies, pre-press companies, print finishing, paper merchants, or any other person or company associated with the production or purchase of print.

  3. There is no restriction on the type of stock used. Imported stock, artwork or photographs from overseas sources are acceptable, however PRINTING AND FINISHING MUST BE PRODUCED IN AUSTRALIA. In the case of graphic design categories, all graphic design must have been completed in its entirety in Australia.

  4. An official entry form must be completed for each entry. Please supply typed or clearly written details. Forms must be fully completed and make recognition of all contributing sources, with accurate spelling as the details submitted on the entry will be used as copy for the award book and certificates. The committee accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the details submitted.
  1. Three (3) samples of each entry are required where possible. All samples should be entered together with the entry form attached to all samples via paper clip or similar. Where original work cannot be submitted (e.g.: large scale signage), a high resolution reproduction of the work should be entered, along with a small sample (1 metre x 1 metre maximum) of the original work.

    Digital components of entries should be submitted via web page link. Please write any web page links clearly on the entry form.

  2. All entries will be retained by Printing Industries. However, if you do require your entry to be returned, this must be noted on the entry form, and pick-up arranged. Entries can be collected in person or by courier, to be arranged by Printing Industries. All entries that aren't noted "to be returned" become the property of Printing Industries and will be disposed of.

  3. Entries of value should be insured by the entrant. Although every care is taken, Printing Industries accepts no responsibility for any entry that is lost or damaged whilst in their possession or in transit.

  4. Entries will be restricted to six entries per category, per company. Companies may enter as many categories as they choose. In the event a company enters more than this number in a single category, a panel of judges will determine which six should go onto the main judging in that category, or will reassign entries to a different category if possible.

  5. The Judging Committee’s decision will be final.

  6. Where a duplicate entry of the same item is entered into the same category by different entrants, priority will be given to the printer’s entry (in printing categories) or graphic designer (in graphic design categories) and the subsequent entry and payment will be returned with a letter of explanation to the other entrant.

  7. Your entry form must specify a category in which to enter the piece. An entry may be recategorised at the Chief Judge’s discretion.

  8. In the event of low entry numbers in a particular category, the entries from that category may be combined into another suitable category.

  9. Entries, regardless of category or format, that promote any organization within the scope of the printing industry, or which feature the printing company or entrant’s name as a prominent feature of the entry, will be classified as “self-promotion”.