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Frequently asked questions

How do I enter in the Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards?
Entry into the Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards is via the official entry forms available HERE.

Who can enter the Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards?
Entry is open to all Australian based companies, individuals or associations involved in any area of print production including:

Advertising agencies, art and design studios, advertisers and clients, printing companies, pre-press companies, print finishing, paper merchants, or any other person or company associated with the production or purchase of print.

Who receives the winning awards?
The printer is the recipient of all awards in the printing categories, except in the case of the Embellishment Category, in which the embellishment company is the recipient. In the case of the Graphic Design awards, the award is made to the graphic designer of the piece.

Medals are presented at the Awards Presentation night (further information coming soon). All winners receive a certificate and medal.

Additional medals can be purchased for $65. Where the printer is not the entrant, an additional medal/certificate may be purchased by the entrant at their cost.

What if I’m not sure which category to enter my piece into?
If you are not sure which category to choose, enter a question mark in the “category number” box and we will assign it to the most appropriate category.

Who judges the Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards?
A panel of renowned experts in the printing and graphic design fields are selected to judge the Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards. Judges are selected based on their expertise and experience with consideration given to maintaining diversity across the variety of print mediums and processes. All judges are supervised by the Chairman of Judges.

How much does it cost to enter?
Entries into the general categories (printing and graphic design) should be accompanied by the relevant entry fee (see below). A maximum of six entries per company can be entered into each category.

Entry fees : $60 for members ; $80 for non-members

Please refer to closing dates in each state.

Entries into the following award categories are free of charge:

• Media Super Printing Industry Legend Award
• Media Super Young Executive Award
• Student Category (graphic design)

Entry into these categories is via a separate entry form. See the “How to Enter” section for entry forms.


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