National Print Awards Printing Industries Association of Australia

Judge's tips

Remember, these awards are for Excellence in Print and Graphic Design so....

  1. Don’t leave it until the last moment to select your entries for submission. When a suitable job comes in, carefully check during the run and keep some perfect copies for potential entry in the Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards.
  2. Supply three (3) copies; (to allow for damage in transit etc) the judges will always check the other copies if a problem appears to be not the printer/print finisher’s error.
  3. Consider entering the same entry in more than one category to increase your chances of winning.
  4. Ensure good presentation - creased or folded prints do not maximise the appearance of the entry.
  5. Fill out all the criteria required on the entry form carefully and accurately, describing the processes that went into the job, (including the machine) difficulties in production, details of embellishment or specific effects required by the customer.
  6. Examine the entire job with a magnifying glass, the Judges will! Check and re-check before submission. At least two judges will look at every page.
  1. The Judges will be looking for:
  • Perfect registration – mis-registration is the most common fault in ALL categories
  • Total absence of all forms of hickies and spots
  • Reverse type that fills in
  • Precise page line-ups and even colour continuity across the print
  • No mottle, setoff, scuff, scratches or other marking
  • In digital, no banding, gloss differentiation, guide marking, adhesion wicking, bleed
  • In solvent based systems, no filling in, tailing, dot skip (and especially no mottle)

In addition to print appearance, judges may also consider:

  • Quality of image preparation, bleed and plate fit.
  • Accuracy of finishing – folding, binding, trimming and assembly.
  • Cleanness and precision of die-cutting and other embellishments

The Judges also assess the degree of difficulty and the skill required in producing the job. This is the real evidence of good printing management, not just good luck!